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Thursday, August 1, 2013


CHERISHING OUR VALLEY                      2013

In 1926, the city of Los Angeles opened Hollywoodland Girls Camp in Griffith Park. It was, and continues to be one of our region's greatest successes. 
When I discovered a childhood photo album belonging to my wife, I found these snapshots of her Girl Scouts adventures in 1950 and 1951 at Camp Hollywoodland. Since I am always after my friends and associates to go through their family photos and scrapbooks to share Valley-related images with The Museum, the scrapbooks demanded that I practice what I've been preaching. I hope you enjoy the pictures taken by a little North Hollywood girl 62 long years ago. 

 Riverside Avenue School Girl Scouts - on their way to Camp Hollywood in Griffith Park. 1950. Can you imagine children being transported like this today? (click on these images to enlarge them.)

 Camp Hollywoodland 1950 - sleeping under the stars -

 "Our cabin" 1951 - Camp Hollywoodland - photos courtesy of Janne Fecht

 Camp Hollywoodland counselor Lark - 1951 -

 Camp Hollywoodland cabin 1950 

 Camp Hollywoodland's swimming pool from hillside. 1950 
 Three way tunnel - near camp Hollywoodland

 Campgrounds - Camp Hollywoodland 

 Girl campers and councilors at Camp Hollywoodland - 1951

 Camp Hollywoodland

 Camp Hollywoodland councilor "Bunnie" 1951 

"Our cabin" Camp Hollywoodland 1951

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will stevens said...

I went on a Death Valley trip with the West Valley YMCA during Easter break in 1961. We rode up to Death Valley in stake trucks like those pictured in this article, slept on the ground, and toured everything there was to see. On the way back we stopped at some small town and were told to strip down and jump into a huge water tank to get the dirt off. Most fun I ever had at camp! I would imagine everything we did on that trip is now banned. Too bad...