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Friday, August 30, 2013



Jimmy Dorsey led one of America's great stage orchestra in the era of the Big Bands. The Jimmy Dorsey band had fans throughout the world and made the careers of hundreds of singers and musicians. The following photographs are courtesy of Ralph Muzzillo Jr. and are from his father's personal collection. Ralph Muzzillo Sr. was one of the great trumpet players of his time. He lived much of his life in Encino and died in Tarzana.

Jimmy Dorsey - American Big Band Leader

"To Lil Eve, sincerely Jimmy Dorsey and my boys." Nov. 1938

Ralph Muzzillo   1910 - 1985   - Trumpet Virtuoso

 Ray McKinley featured drummer with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra
Collection of Ralph Muzzillo Sr. - Courtesy of Ralph Muzzillo Jr. 2013

"To Ralph (commonly called 'Muzulow - Muggilaw' who combines the qualities of simplicity, and good sense.  I could was lyrical, Joe, but that's about the most one can say for any man. For a long time, I hope Ray"  "P.S. To my friend, the No. 1 first trumpet player in the band. R.K."

Jimmy Dorsey and his orchestra - Wamid's Million Dollar Pier 1938

 Jimmy Dorsey greets his parents.


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