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Friday, August 9, 2013


CHERISHING OUR VALLEY              2013

Mrs. Dorcas Margaret Hallock and her 3 year olf little boy Clifford in front of the family's bar-b-que stand in 1921. Maggie Hallock served ice cream, Nehi soda pop, and three kinds of bar-b-que sandwiches; lamb, pork or beef. She also served George Washington instant coffee.

Side of the Hallock Bar-B-Que stand on a dirt Ventura Boulevard in Studio City - 1921.  (click on these images to enlarge them) Note the car parked to the right on what was then Ventura Highway. The stand, which was built out of the residential home Mr. Fred Swan (Margaret Hallock's brother) , was located about a block of modern Colfax Avenue. The fellow bedecked in a suit was "Uncle Fred" who had an auto repair show downtown on Jefferson Boulevard. 

Around 1929 or 1930, Fred Swan built a home on Picturesque Drive in Studio City. The house still stands in 2013. Life was a rural adventure in the San Fernando Valley for boys like this. (Clifford Hallock) is the taller of the two boys about 8 years old.
Look at the above photo enlarge, and a swan's head emerges by the smaller boy's hand. Swan's nest may have been a land development's name.
As these little guys grew older, they played by the Los Angeles River, generally a sandy bottomed stream. But the river was large enough that the boys had to hike to a bridge at Laurel Canyon on
their way to North Hollywood Junior High School. The river was the home to watercress and crawfish, once harvested by Native Tongva in the area. By Laurel Canyon bridge, there was a great swimming hole where on hot days school boys would "skinny dip."

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