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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


      Typical of big band leaders of the 1930s and 40s, Alvino Rey began his career by playing in other bands. He worked with Freddy Martin and Russ Morgan, and for seven years (1932-1939) played in the Horace Heidt's Musical Knights. (Horace Heidt lived and worked from Sherman Oaks.)
      He married Luise King (one of the King Sisters.)

Alvino Rey - Alvin McBurney    1908 - 2004
 Autographed photograph - Loaned to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by Ralph F. Muzzillo Jr. 2013 -   (click on images to enlarge them.)
"To Ralph and Eve - two real swell people. I hope we can continue working together many years. With Best Wishes, Alvino Rey."

      Alvino Rey was fascinated by electronics, developing musical instruments and working with amateur radio. He helped develop the first electronic guitar for the Gibson Corporation.  In 1939 Alvino Rey became the musical director for radio KHJ in Los Angeles. That same year he created the Alvino Rey orchestra.Rey lived at 5001 Woodley Avenue in Encino.
      During World War II Rey worked for the Lockheed Aircraft Company in Burbank. In 1944, he joined the US Navy. Rey's 1940, pre-war song "My Buddy" was one of the most important sons during the war.
Larceny With Music 1943  Universal Pictures film -  Ralph Muzzillo collection

Jeff Pirtle of NBS - Universal reminds The Museum Community that Leo Carrillo, a direct descendent of Jose' Antonio Carrillo was also in this movies. Jose' played a major role in the Treaty of Cahuenga signed in the San Fernando Valley.

Alvino Rey and his orchestra, play themselves in the Universal film, Larceny With Music 1943.
Photo courtesy of Ralph F. Muzzillo Jr. 2013. Ralph Muzzillo Sr. was a trumpeter in this orchestra. 

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