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Saturday, May 4, 2013



It's interesting to see what sorts of things energize folks, especially where their memories are concerned. Few things seem to annoy people more than the year/s the great San Fernando Valley snow/s occurred. Some photographs in The Museum's archives are marked 1948 and others 1949. There appear to even be conflicting newspaper accounts. 
Now to give passionate historians more to get excited about, here are a series of photographs just donated to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Arlene Bernholz with yet another date marked on the back of each image "1950".
What do you believe accounts for the differences in these dates?  Were there several great snowstorms?

 "House front - Sherman Way 1950 - Photos gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Arlene Bernholtz 2013  (click on images to enlarge them.)  Photo 5821P

Photo 5823

 This house was located at 17251 Sherman Way in Van Nuys. 
Photo 5822 - some damage on left front corner
 Snow covered ornamental shrubs - 1950 - Van Nuys.
This photograph reveals the address of the house, just by the bough of Christmas fir above the screen door.Photo 5825
 This woman holds a ping pong paddle, indicating that the table by which she is standing it part of a ping pong set. Photo 5816 - Notation reads: "After barn connected from Children's corner nursery school."

Photo 5817

 Snow covered outdoor bar-b-q place.   Photo 5818

Man in Mexican sombrero shoveling snow in 1950. Photo 5819

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leemell said...

It was the three days of 9-12 of January 1949. I remember it very well as my father (who worked swing shift at Lockheed) got us out of bed at 12:30 in the morning to see we already had 6". Eventually it was about a foot of snow. It is documented here: