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Thursday, May 2, 2013



In the archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley are some of the earliest known photographs of the Cahuenga Pass, when it was a one lane road. Photographs in The Museum's High Collection of photographs is a bicyclist making his way from Hollywood into the Valley.

With the opening of the Orange Line from North Hollywood, extending to Chatsworth, an explosion of bicycle riders is now part of Valley Culture.

This year, the AIDS Lifecycle's "Day on the Ride" (a preliminary to the great bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles) began at dawn in late April from Woodley Park. The fact that the Valley was chosen for the beginning and terminus of the big practice ride demonstrates the Valley's new status in the cycling world.

 Dawn in Woodley Park - Hundreds of Cyclists gather for ALC's Day on the Ride.

Making Valley and California history, bicyclists sign in for the Day on the Ride event. Volunteers, many from the Valley, arrived before dawn to make the ride a success.

ALC bicyclists prepare for "Ride Out" in Woodley Park.

Cyclists prepare for the "Safety Speech" prior to ride-out. Note: All of these athletes wear safety helmets and are trained in the rules of the California Vehicle Code.

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