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Friday, May 3, 2013



Bob's Big Boy menu - October 1955  Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Arlene Bernholtz - May 2013.  Ticket stub for the All City High School Playoff preliminary Dec. 2, 1955 (click on image to enlarge it.) 

To history's good fortune, Arlene Bernholtz as a high school girl, borrowed this large menu from Bob's Big Boy restaurant and made notes around it. Life for a high school student emerges in the treasures Arlene put in her scrapbook. She even saved some of the football programs mentioned in her notes.

            “Bob’s Big Boy – October 1, 1955
             After the North Hollywood vs. Burbank game. with Dennis, Ted, Barbara,   
             Roxie, Lollie and Bonnie.
             Bob’s Big Boy – October 8, 1955
             After North Hollywood vs Burroughs game with Shooter, Gary, Bonnie & Sunny.
             Bob’s Big Boy – October 29, 1955 12:00  Eddie, Paul, Bonnie, Gene Taft  
             (could be Toft), me and Dennis Weinstein.     
            Bob’s Big Boy – Nov. 11, 1955 – After Canoga vs North Hollywood Game.  
            We won it 21 to 7. Linda, Marilyn, Bonnie, Roxie, Taley (/) and me. 

            Nov. 18, 1955 After Bonnie’s birthday party, and the show “Trial”
            the P______ , ___J----- B------.
            December 2, 1955. Bonnie, Paul Richmond, Richard Cohen and me after the  
            Belmont vs N.H. game. We Won! Had loads of fun. The guys were mad tho. The 
            Apollos were supposed to fight the Griffins. ** (Apollos were a boys' car club)
            After the Belmont – North Hollywood Game. we won. went to Bob's

           January 6, 1956  Jim Fernandez drove Linda, Bonnie and I by Bob’s and 
           through the drive in part.
           January 21, 1956 – with Paul Richmond after Neil’s party.
           February 16, 1956 – with Russ, Tony, Linda, Annabelle, Dave Scheffer,
           Winklebuck, Tanner, Tanne, Ester, Bryan and Pete after visiting Linda’s
           June 10, 1956  - After visitng Linda’s church with Armann, Linda Murphy, Carol 
M        Marks,  Linda Winkleblack and I.
          June 15, 1956  After the MC & Jama luaus and after looking for a BBQ social with Art,              
          Joe's Lolly (LA guys)


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