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Friday, January 21, 2011



I met at lunch today with Paul Raymond Estavillo, who was once the President of the Tri Chi Fraternity at Pierce College. Students who knew Paul at Pierce thought he was a really fine man and a terrific student leader.

In 1972, after he returned from a stint in the US Air Force, Paul served as AMS president at Pierce and was chosen the school's Man of the Year. Competition from his Tri  Chi fraternity made other groups to work harder and to try to "out class" them. 
Today Paul is dedicated to Catholic education, having taught at St. Catherine of Siena school in Reseda, Providence High School in Burbank and working at  Villanova Preparatory in Ojai. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Archaeology and History from California State University Northridge. 
Paul Raymond Estavillo
It is our hope that Paul will be working with The Museum to preserve Tri Chi history, the Valley's Catholic heritage, helping to expand The Museum's education programs and support for the arts.
Members of The Museum Community who wish to contact Paul, may leave messages at The Museum's telephone - 1 (818) 347-9665

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Al said...

Paul: Thank you for the undertaking in preserving the TriChi heritage, restoring the scrapbooks Brother Burroughs had saved and left behind. I only hope that the statues of limitations pertain to anyone whose pictorial actions might prove otherwise.

Forever Chi

Brother Kinky