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Monday, January 10, 2011



When Norma Jean Tingling was finishing her last year at Lankershim School in North Hollywood in 1941, she was no doubt excited about entering junior high school. She could have had little inkling about how her world would change six months later when the local airport would be camouflaged, North Hollywood would have air raid wardens and the once sleepy little town would bristle with worry and war. She would have never imagined that the little autograph book that she saved over the years would find its way 70 years later into the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.

Norma Jean's autograph book was discovered in a garage sale by Gary Fredburg, who makes a habit of looking for treasures of San Fernando Valley history.

 The autograph book of Norma Jean Tingling , who lived on Hortense Street in North Hollywood, contains the names of classmates, teachers, relatives and even the ladies in the Lankershim School

Small objects like Norma Jean's autograph book begin to create a picture of the life on times of children in the San Fernando Valley over the years. You can be a valuable part of The Museum Community by keeping a watchful eye out for Valley memorabilia, like school year books, souvenirs that belonged to Valley veterans. letters and even restaurant menus.

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