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Monday, November 29, 2010


2010  THE YEAR OF VALLEY ADVENTURES             Northridge100 (then North Los Angeles)

Porky Johnson, Gary Fredburg and I were looking at this 1932 Olympic Games map to see if it showed any events held in the San Fernando Valley.. no luck, but here are a couple of great details from the map and an historic postcard from July 1932.  (click on images to enlarge)

 Map of Olympic Games Los Angeles 1932 -  July 30 to August 14, 1932

 Priceless detail of the Olympics map showing the major towns in the San Fernando Valley. Woodland Hills was called Girard, Northridge was named North Los Angeles, and Sun Valley was identified as Roscoe. Van Nuys, the cities of San Fernando and Burbank, as well as Canoga Park and Calabasas are shown.

 On Thanksgiving day, we were talking with our relatives from Northern California and Iowa about professional football and the chance that Los Angeles might someday have a pro-team again. My wife's cousin said, "Why don't they tear down the colosium and build a NFL stadium there." The room fell deathly silent!  None of us whose lives are part of Los Angeles could conceive our city without the grand old stadium.

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