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Friday, November 26, 2010



There were several local fraternities and sororities at Los Angeles Valley College in the late 1950s and 1960s.  (click on image to enlarge - refer to photograph 1967)  None of these young men and women have been identified.
Please identify these Valley College students starting in the bottom row left. If you have images of college life in the San Fernando Valley, please contact your Museum 1 (818) 347-9665


Ralph Simon said...

My name is Ralph Simon and I am the second from the left in the bottom row. I am one of the twenty one founding fathers of Gamma Delta Iota (GDI.) The fraternity was founded on May, 15 1962. That fall when the school administration and the umbrella organization IFSC (Inter Fraternity & Sorority Council) found out that GDI stood for G Damned Independents we changed the name to Gamma Delta Tau (GDT) because that was the easiest way to alter our Coat of Arms and other printed materials. The picture is actually circa. 1965 and I can identify most of the people in the picture and supply many pictures and materials to the museum. If I send the picture of Theta Rho Theta sorority circa. 1964 to some of my fraternity brothers I may also be able to supply some names of the girls in that photo as well.

Troop 104 Historian said...

My name is Michael Part and I pledged and joined Gamma Delta Tau in 1967. I had to memorize all these guys' names and also recite the Greek alphabet 3 times on a match. I can still do the Greek alphabet, but I've forgotten all their names except for Terry McConville (2nd row, 3rd from right) because I am still friends with him.

Jon Bastian GDT 67 said...

michael part!!!!! please contact me. jon bastian, GDT 1967; i did journalism; i'm in las vegas; I use FB and LinkedIn. remember kent barcus, bill fenton, feinberg (girl, partner of fenton, they did pokey's); barker and coe? i went to UC santa barbara 72, las vegas 98.