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Friday, April 23, 2010


2010 -- THE YEAR OF VALLEY ADVENTURES -- Northridge100
Western Boys Baseball Assn. 1959 - Program gift tothe Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Gary Fredburg 2010
A few months ago The Museum was contacted by a woman seeking information about her brother’s Western Boys Baseball Association team’s location. Gary Fredburg, the Secretary of The Museum went to work looking for memorabilia related to the association, and came up with this great little playoff program.
Here’s some of the information we discovered from this August 1959 program:

Northridge League
Chuck Ferrero was manager, Roy Vanwich was the coach
Players included: Craig McGarraugh, Jimmy Denman, Mike Young, David Beres, Donald Crisp, David Murray, Mike Koeller, Jay Lombardi, John Cleveland, Lorrie Walkuw, Chuck Ferrero, Keith McGrew, Mike Gierman and Tommy Workman.

Northridge All Stars
Joseph Sieler was the manager - coach was Murray Lifft
Players were: Gregg Wood, Terry Benson, Dave Whitson, John Foeneris, Mike Milner, Bob Caldwell, Leil Ball, Mike Cannata, John Hicks, Paul Anderson, Joe Flippo, Larry Lynoff, Larry Swanson and Jim Rikel

East Van Nuys Team
Bud Adams was manager and Harrold Bahrke was the coach.
The players were: Jim Walker, Brian Safian, Kenny Chandler, Gary Adams, Ronnie Pettigrew, Richard Bahrke, Tyler Hancock, Robbie Boulger, Dave Bridenstine, Robbie Swink, Richard Schafer, John Bolognia, Kerry Casey and Scott Purcell.

Woodland Hills Team
Manager R.S. Bingham, and coach Phil Stevens
Players were: Tom Dunderdale, Pete Hallenbeck, Gregg Sterbins, Rick Havland, Gary Bingham, Rick Gouin, Rick Haynes, Keith Clapp, Bruce Stevens, John Smith, Larry Holmes, Erland Gulbrand, Jack Haller and Jim Smith.

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Norm said...

My father, Roy Van Wick, was the coach of the Northridge team that year. Normally I would have been on the team but had injured my knee and wasn't able to play that year. My father was active in the Northridge league for several years and I still have a plaque commerating his volunteering. I remember the names on the roster.