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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


2009 - The Year of Valley History
Workers at Timm Aircraft 1942 - Photo loaned to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by Dave High July 2009 (click on image to enlarge).
Early “barnstormers” after World War I thrilled the world with their aero-acrobatics. One of the best of these was Otto Timm. His love of flight and dedication to his craft caused him to begin the O.W. Timm Aircraft Company in Glendale, California in 1928. One of his first achievements was the building of an enclosed biplane aircraft, the precursor of modern commercial passenger aircraft. He renamed his business the Timm Aircraft Company in 1934.
(Otto’s brother, Wallace Timm was responsible for much of the early aerial photography of the movie business.)
As World War II approached Timm Aircraft geared up for the coming conflict. By 1942, when this photograph of “Skeets” High and a fellow worker was taken, Timm Aircraft was in full scale production.
Skeets is the young man at the right of the photograph. He left the Timm company shortly after this photo was taken, to serve as a training sergeant in the United States Army at Camp Roberts, near Paso Robles, California.
Dave High, who loaned this photograph to The Museum, recalls living just off the military base with his mom in a converted gasoline station, not an uncommon occurrence when construction came to a halt for the war effort.

The San Fernando Valley, in the heart of the Creative Capital of the World, deserves a great Museum of history and culture.

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