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Sunday, July 19, 2009


2009 The Year of Valley History

The Iliad Bookshop Relocated - Photo take for the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by Gerald Fecht July 2009 (click on image to enlarge)

By the time that I heard that Dutton's Bookstore in North Hollywood was closing, it was too late. The California history and San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles sections were already pillaged. So, when I heard rumor that the great old Iliad Bookshop was closed I was really disheartened. But, The Iliad didn't close its doors at all!
Here, long time bookstore worker Ricky Grove (who discovered his first bookstore at the age of 13 - and never left the profession) keeps tract of The Iliad's treasures while a new air conditioning unit is installed - in what area of the store? The Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley history section, of course.
I had an appointment, so I settled into the $3 to $10 section, where I bought The Museum's library a well illustrated work called Hollywood Goes To War. So, I'll just have to get back soon.
The Illiad Bookstore
5400 Cahuenga Boulevard North Hollywood, CA 91601
(corner of Cahuenga and Chandler) 1 (818) 509-book

The San Fernando Valley, in the heart of the Creative Capital of the World, deserves a great Museum of history and culture.


Scott Mumford said...

Last time I was in (a few weeks ago) he said they were expanding into the space to the north! (Fifty percent more room?)


Gerald R. Fecht said...

Hi Scott,
It really looked like they were doing a Lot of Work.
I intend to be there to investigate their history treasures.