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Saturday, July 11, 2009


2009 - the Year of Valley History

Auction Bill - Horses and Mules from Lankershim and Van Nuys Ranches. No Ho Chamber of Commerce booklet

Thanks to Richard Hilton and supporting Board Member, the 4th Walking Tour of NoHo historic district was a big success today. 25 "in-tourists" braved the warm July weather to discover the amazing secrets of one of the Valley's oldest communities.
If you or your friends would like to be alerted about the next No HO tour, or upcoming tours of Studio City and Van Nuys, give your Museum a call: 1 (818) 347-9665)

The San Fernando Valley, in the heart of the Creative Capital of the World, deserves a great Museum of history and culture.


Steve Devol said...

Great tour, well-organized and nicely paced. The water bottles were a thoughtful touch! Thanks!

Gerald R. Fecht said...

Thanks Steve, glad you enjoyed your experience. The Museum of the San Fernando Valley now officially belongs to you! Help us spread the word about Valley history.
The water was the idea and gift of Michael Stevens (and his little girl Zoe). Michael is the Vice President for Development of your Museum.
Jerry Fecht