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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


CHERISHING OUR VALLEY             2013

Among recent gifts to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Barbara Silva are these images of the founding of the historical museum at Los Angeles Valley College in July 1976. The museum has been recently moved to the second floor of the new library of the college. 

Los Angeles Herald Express July 25, 1976.  " Old photo map of San Fernando Valley, being examined by Francisco Avila and Mrs. Stanley Petit, is among the 1000 pictures and maps of the Valley on exhibit in Los Angeles Valley College historical museum."

"Also on display are old newspapers with articles relating to the Valley, and news cameras used in photographing its happenings."

"Chester Tayloe, president of the museum board of directors, has made several scale model railroad displays for exhibit."

The historical museum at L.A. Valley College was formed in 1974 by professor of history Dr. James Dodson. Over the years, Austin Conover a member of the museum's board evolved into the director of the museum. "The museum was "first housed in the college's library, it later was moved to ... Bungalow 15 on campus, which happens to be the structure used as an office building when the college opened 25 years ago (1951)."
In 1976, Francisco Avila was vice president and Dr. Dallas Livingston-Little was secretary-treasurer.

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley grew out of the historical museum at Valley College.


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