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Thursday, November 29, 2012



Like most of us, I seldom visit a police station unless there is some sort of trouble going on. But, the Director of The Museum's Tours and Adventures Program, Richard Hilton has trained me to pay attention of art and architecture in public places. So, recently when making a police report, I took time to really look at the San Fernando Valley's new Los Angele's Police Department's Topanga Station. The next time you are in Canoga Park, of if you live there, There are tons of free parking, a really handsome building to see, and an amazing amount of Valley history spread out in bronze plaques at the main entrance.

 Topanga Station of the Los Angeles Police Department

 It's not "if" we will have another earthquake in the San Fernando Valley, it's "when" we'll have one. Earthquake preparedness if part of Valley life.

More folks would use their sun screen if they knew that Canoga Park is at the same latitude as Oran, Algeria and Cairo, Egypt.

 Canoga Park Citrus Lables

Shadow Ranch still serves the San Fernando Valley. Today it is no longer the western headquarters of Valley wheat production but produces strong young bodies through the excellent programs of the Los Angeles Recreation and Parks programs.


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