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Thursday, November 10, 2011



Often historical events and objects cross paths. Sometimes things are of genuine importance, other times just a passing curiosity.  Here's a photograph that I took in the historic art studio of Henry Van Wolf, an artist of immense importance in San Fernando Valley history. The room is a small workshop off of Van Wolf's large studio space. The area may be much like it was with the artist died in 1982.

Aside from the wonderful art objects and models left on Van Wolf's work bench (above), there is a nondescript white cabinet along the wall at the right. As a cabinet in Henry Van Wolf's studio, the storage unit is worth saving. But, Joseph Van Wolf, the artist's son, has added an extra fact to the cabinet's legacy.

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An old white cabinet in a work room off of Henry Van Wolf's studio.  The artist, or a helper, is likely to have painted the storage unit white, sometime in the 1950s. When Joseph had me open it, the interior color revealed its origins. Joseph Van Wolf explained that the unit had been part of the furnishings of the United State Military facility of Birmingham Hospital. Yep, the unit's interior is World War II regulation olive green. Birmingham Hospital and its long ago wounded GIs are all but forgotten today. An encounter with a green storage cabinet jogged this writer's memories.

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