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Saturday, November 19, 2011


A friends of The Museum just wrote that he "was recently strolling in an old area of Canoga Park and saw 'Richard G.H.C.C. 1955' in the concrete. Do you have any clue what GHCC stands for? I'm guessing its some car club or something Chicano oriented. It also said 'song of the dreamer' which I found on the internet is a great song by Eddie Fisher that topped the charts in 1955."

Any guesses on this one?

3 comments: said...

Maybe Grenada Hills Country Club?

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MsSandieJo said...

Here's my guess... I researched Richard on the 'net and found Richard Laster, who is president of the Greater Houston Coin Club. He speaks of the clubs' "semi-centennial" in 2005, first opened in 1955. Here's a link: