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Monday, June 13, 2011



If you've been trying to contact me this week, you've heard a telephone recording saying that I have been away, working as a "roadie" for the 10th AIDS Lifecycle bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Hundreds of bicyclists and roadies (their support team) traveled 543 miles in seven days. My job, in the camp store, included recruiting participants for next year's fund-raising ride. I signed up over a 1000 brave and determined folks. 

 Over 2,000 riders crowd the floor of San Francisco's famous Cow Palace for Opening Day ceremonies.  (click on this image to enlarge)

This year's ride raised over $13,000,000 for the Jeffrey Goodman clinic that serves the greater Los Angeles area, including the San Fernando Valley. Hundreds of Valley residents ride or work as the crew for the Ride. The Ride also supports the San Francisco AIDS Foundation that, like the Goodman Clinic has saved thousands of lives.
2,350 riders and 650 roadies! 
Many riders belong to training teams. This group called The Pirates relax at a foggy half way site on their way to Southern California. 

 "Angry Bird and Pig" helmets adorn San Fernando Valley riders Tom Mentlick and Brendan Fecht,
at the place where they registered for AIDS Lifecycle 11 next year.

 This woman was the 1000th person to sign up for next year's ride at Jerry's station at the camp store. The entire camp was set up and taken down and transported to its next site every day during the Ride.

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