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Thursday, April 28, 2011



In one of the display cases in historic Campo de Cahuenga, on the borders of North Hollywood, Studio City and Universal City, is a well worn deck of playing cards. According to the exhibit, the cards once belonged to the famous American explorer Kit Carson. It is likely that the frontiersman came several times to the Valley and on one occasion stayed in the Mission San Fernando Rey de España. 
John C. Fremont played a vital role in the acquisition of California for an ambitious United States of America, including a military engagement near the Cahuenga Pass. Fremont would go on to become the first Republican candidate for the presidency of the U.S. and served the cause of the Union during the Civil War.
Richard Minnich commented on your link.
Richard Minnich  wrote: "Yes, and John C. Fremont — aka 'The Pathfinder', was a constant thorn in Lincoln's side during the war. His wife, Jesse Hart Benton Fremont, was the daughter of a Senator from Missouri (these things of the top of my head), had a lot of political clout. Interesting read about Fremont (among others) 'Lincoln and his Generals, be T. Harry Williams)."

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