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Thursday, April 28, 2011



Elizabeth M. and Harry N. Falk owned a handsome horse ranch in Granada Hills from 1952 until the land was sold and subdivided for housing in 1985. The property was located at 16830 Lassen Street.

Typical of ranch lands of that era, the area was bordered by white wooden fences, with the main house situated down a long gravel driveway. The house was originally built for weekend use, with bedrooms added over the years.  A pool house had a bedroom for guests. Naturally there was a hay barn and stable/tackle buildings.
As time passed, the great horse ranches of the San Fernando Valley disappeared. Folks like the great Betty Grable and Harry James boarded their horses at the Falk Ranch and similar places.

Mrs. Falk created a foundation to care for her animals and other endangered domestic creatures, that continues to this day.


David Coscia said...

I remember the ranch as a kid, especially the white board fence with the horses. It was located in North Hills, probably Sepulveda at the time, not Granada Hills. The southern boundary for Granada Hills is Devonshire Street which is 1/2 mile north of Lassen Street.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

From 1956 to 1968 I lived a block from Falk Ranch in Sepulveda. It was a favorite activity of all of us younger children to feed and pet those gorgeous horses through the board fence. What a wonderful memory; thanks for this post.

irish56 said...

My sister and I would cross Lassen St-- just a small 2 lane street back in the day. The driveway sat across from the opening of Whittaker St.
At that time-- 1959, the Ranch was in Granada Hills. We lived 1 street in on Septo Street beginning in 1958-- it was Granada Hills at that time, became Sepulveda years later and then North Hills.
BEAUTIFUL horses and the Falks were very nice people.

Unknown said...

My Gtandmother was friends of the Falk's and our ranch was down the street on Lassen and Zelzah. Not sure about a ranch in North Hills but I can lead you were Mrs. Falk's ranch was. Valley has really changed!