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Monday, March 14, 2011


DISCOVERING OUR VALLEY       2011                     Northridge 100

Over 80 years ago, the first Methodist community in Northridge established what would become the Northridge United Methodist Church. Originally called the Community Methodist Episcopal Church of Zelzah, it saw the town renamed North Los Angeles and eventually Northridge.  With a congregation of 25 people, including children, the emerging church met first in a very modest two-room school house. Today, the church has a vibrant congregation serving not only the North Valley but the faculty and students of California State University Northridge as well.

The great altar of the Northridge United Methodist Church features a spectacular new organ, supporting one of the best church choirs in the Valley. The great wooden cross also holds a charming secret, Look at the closeup (below.)
The entire cross is decorated with smaller symbols, called The Jerusalem Cross. And, each represented when the cross was placed in the sanctuary one of the families of the parish.
Sometimes called the Crusaders' cross, the Jerusalem cross was designated as such by Pope Urban II.
It features an equal sided Greek cross with four smaller ones at each side. Most modern Christians view the symbol of the four Gospels of the New Testament, and a call to action against the sufferings of humanity.

I always look at what makes a church, synagogue or temple unique. This very beautiful ceramic cross, partially hidden behind a glass door, is displayed in the church's foyer. It was made by a member of the congregation. I promise to return to the church someday, and get a photograph of the cross with the glass door open.... and, to discover the artist's name. (Click on images to enlarge them).

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