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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Burbank's 100th Anniversary 
Van Nuys' 100th Anniversary

Everyday, as The Museum of the San Fernando Valley, enhances our Library of San Fernando Valley Entertainment Industry History, the expression "Valley of the Stars" becomes more evident. It takes thousands of artists to create films, television programs and videogames, and thousands of the most creative people in the world call "The San Fernando Valley My Home."  

Few films had a greater emotional impact on the American people and movie-goers world wide during World War II than the classic film CASABLANCA. Starring the gorgeous Ingrid Bergman and rugged Humphrey Bogart, the film helped to build great patriotic fervor. Their co-star Paul Henried,  unforgettable music, and sleazy fascist villains added up to one of the great movies of its time. 

 Casablanca was filmed, nearly entirely on the lot of Warner Brothers Studio in the San Fernando Valley City of Burbank. A significant scene, where Rick (Bogart) encounters the German Major Strasser, was shot at Van Nuys Airport. Portions of the hanger used in the film were rescued from demolition by Valley residents who share The Museum's commitment to preserving our Entertainment Industry Heritage.

 The little Liberty Bug, at the lower left hand corner of the sheet music for "As Time Goes By" appeared throughout America during the Second World War. I remember seeing it when I began kindergarten. In the first grade, we saved our dimes to buy Savings Stamps and pasted them every week in little books that added up to the purchase of a $25 dollar War Bond.

I remember seeing my mother sitting by a huge old radio in our living room, as she listened to Kate Smith singing As Time Goes By. My big sister Genevieve tried to teach it to me, but I thought it was way too "mushy" for a boy to sing.  (click on image to enlarge)

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The Valley Film Festival said...

We love the MSFV blog! Just wanted to share our post on the same subject from last month -- VFF coordinated a "field trip" to Van Nuys. We'd love to coordinate something with you!