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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Cover of "Our Town" by Lincoln Hart - 1942 - Gift to The Museum by Alice Hart - 2008
In May of 2008, your Museum was given a copy of "Our Town" by her grandfather, Lincoln Hart. Excerpts from this priceless gem will be published in this blog on an on-going basis --- why? Because Lincoln Hart's book is filled with stories that every resident of our San Fernando Valley should know.
Lincoln Hart was the Founder and First President of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society. He was one of the main heroes in the saving of Campo de Cahuenga for today and future generations. A visit to California State University's on-line history of the Valley will give you a glimpse of Hart's importance to our history and culture.
But, Lincoln Hart was not only important to San Fernando Valley history, but to the story of California film making as well. Once on the press staff of President Theodore Roosevelt, Lincoln Hart was also a prolific New York theatrical writer. In large measure the many theatres of the NoHo Arts District are descendants of his devotion to the arts. He was the General Manager of Thomas Ince productions and RKO Studios in Hollywood.
The Museum of the San Fernando Valley will work to insure that Lincoln Hart's story is told, and his artifacts carefully preserved. Hart Steet in the Valley is named for him.

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