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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Letter to Lankershim, CA posted Dec. 18, 1920 - Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - 2008 - from Gary Fredburg

It cost 2¢ for M. Ulmann of 632 East 15th Street in Brooklyn, New York to mail holiday greetings to his friend Paul E. Turnhaur on December 18th, 1920. Paul lived at 12429 El Nido Street in Lankershim, California.

This letter from Brooklyn reveals that the "burg" of Lankershim, California was likely unknown to people on the East coast, even to relatives or friends. The Valley in the 1920s was filled with little "dream" chicken ranches.
Were Mike and Paul former Army buddies? Kelly, who lived in South Dakota, suggests that these persons may have known each other from a common experiences, such as college or the service.

Dear Friend Paul,
Received your letter of 7th the other day I was very glad to hear from you. I was wondering why I never heard from you but after your explanation, I can readily understand.
I hope you will accept my heartiest congratulations on your getting married and best wishes for the future.
You sure have some chicken farm. Have you any other live stock? You fellows sure have a better life than city folks here east. I often wish I could get out west or to some city (small). It is nothing but hustle, hustle in N.Y. and a hard job to lay aside a little coin because no matter how much one ears, it is very easy to get rid of it in this burg. Living expenses are still very high and it looks like they will be somewhat lower in a few months.
We are having plenty of hold ups and murders here of late. It's something terrible. No doubt you read about them in the newspapers. It is getting worse instead of better.
I am still an old bachelor. Where is you burg situated? Near any large city? I dropped Kelly a card to Alexander S.D. the same time I wrote you but to date have not heard from him.
Well, nothing else of interest, so will close trusting you are well and with Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and yours.
I am sincerely yours "Mike"
The rest of the family wishes to be remembered to you. Write me again when you have the time. Always glad to hear from you.
The letter was from M. Ulmann.


Ditaur said...
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i'm pretty sure they were in the army together.