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Monday, May 26, 2008


Continental Art Supply Reseda, CA 2008 - Archive of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley (click on photo to enlarge) Photo by Gerald Fecht
The following are items catalogued by your Museum this week.

McHenry's Tail o' the Cock Restaruant (postcard)
Methodist Episcopal Church Glendale (postcard)
King's Castle (matchbook cover)
Klein, Then and Now - San Fernando Valley
NoHo BID (newsletter) Spring 2008
L.A. Cultural Affairs Historic Cultural Monuments
Tower Talk newsletter Icarian Flying Club -2 years
Jenner Bruce Jenner's Guide to the Olympics 1984
Orange County Postcard History Series
Owens River Headquarters of the Owens River
Aaronson Scene of the Crime LAPD archive
The Hideout (matchbook cover)
Highland Park Heritage Trust (brochure)
Generous Briton, The (matchbook cover)
Gender Pending - Vintage Drag on Movie Lobbies
Cooke's Poultry (matchbook cover)
Cootiette Club of the United States (booklets)
Brook's Baths (matchbook cover)
Broggie Dedication of Window (postcard & pin)
Broggie Walt Disney's Happy Place (soft cover book)
Ted Quillin Disc Jockey KFWB 1960s
San Fernando Braves (sports button)
Studio City History Project (document)
Leoncavallo (opera composer) (vintage postcard)
Lazy X (western night club) (match book cover)
Edgar Rice Burroughs - War Correspondent - (photo)
E.R. Burroughs &Glenn Morris - (photo)
Edgar Rice Burroughs - New Story (photo copy)
Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan Timeline (MSFV)
E.R. Burroughs Llana of Gathol (hard back book)
E.R. Burroughs Return of Tarzan, The (hard back)
E.R. Burroughs - Tarzan and the City of Gold
E.R. Burroughs - Tarzan at the Earth's Core
E.R. Burroughs - Tarzan and the Forbidden City
E.R. Burroughs - Tarzan and the Foreign Legion
E.R. Burroughs - Tarzan and the Leopard Men
E.R. Burroughs - Tarzan Triumphant
E.R. Burroughs - Tarzan's Quest

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