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Saturday, March 15, 2008


Our New Home in Panorama City - Postcard in the collection of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - Gift of Gary Fredburg 2007 - Note B.R. (bedroom), LR (living room) and K (kitchen) written on the card in pencil. Tract Housing in Panorama City c. late 1950s.

Thursday, April 10, 7:30 pm at ArcLight Sherman Oaks
Senator Chuck Hagel, “America: Our Next Chapter”

The Republican senator from Nebraska visits Z√≥calo to deliver an examination of the current state of our nation as well as offer proposals he says can guide America back onto the right path. Long admired by his colleagues on both sides of the aisle for his honesty, integrity, and common sense (Time Magazine called him a "hero to liberals"), Hagel asks tough questions about the nation's most pressing problems. Drawing on personal insights from his years as a political insider, Hagel tackles both foreign and domestic issues—including a candid examination of the Iraq War and the political deadlock that he says is threatening America's position in the world. He concludes that the partisan stranglehold might only be solved by the emergence of a "new party or independent movement."

Contact your Museum for information re: free tickets.

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