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Monday, March 17, 2008


Watercolor by Orpha Klinker - Collection of Phyllis Hansen
Saint Patrick's Day is as good as any to make a confession, so I need to tell you that your Museum president is hopelessly superstitious. I try my best to put logic and science in the forefront of my life, then Saint Patrick's Day (or another event like it) arrives and I make sure to "wear the green", drink a little Jameson's whiskey out of a fruit jar, bring in the shamrocks from my garden, bake soda bread etc etc etc. Tonight, I'll slip off into the garden to see if there are little lights among the shrubs, just in case the Tuatha d' Danu might be down there cooking beer. No doubt, by now you understand why Museums need elections!
Be that as it may, while I was cleaning out old emails this morning, I discovered this photograph of a water color by the great California artist Orpha Klinker, sent to me by the great California human being Phyllis Hansen.
And, because it's Saint Patrick's Day, I take it as an omen of all of the good things that are to come our way.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day, and don't forget to buy wild bird seed for March 19th - Saint Joseph's Day.
Much affection Jerry Fecht

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