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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Vintage Postcard of the San Fernando Valley - Gift of Fred Berk 2007 - Collection of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley
Phyllis Hansen shares this Holiday Message"
Happy Birthday to Beth, whose celebration falls on Easter for the first and last time.

Easter this year is March 23. Easter is the first Sunday after the
first full moon following the Spring Equinox, which is March 20. This
dating of Easter is based on the lunar calendar that the Hebrews used to
identify Passover which is why Easter moves around on our Roman calendar.
Based on the above, Easter can only be one day earlier, the 22nd (tho I'm not sure why it
can't be the 21st -- perhaps because that is the first full day following Spring Equinox?)

Anyway, the next time Easter will fall on March 23 will be in 2228. The last time it was
March 21 was 1913 -- so unless your 95 or older you weren't around for that one.

The next time Easter will be on March 22 will be in 2285. And the last time was in 1818.
Therefore, no one under the age of 94/95 was alive the last time Easter fell on March 23.

Beth Perrin is an advisor to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley, and a member of our Valley Visionaries Selection Committee

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