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Saturday, March 22, 2008


Orpha Klinker's Flag for the City of Los Angeles - Photo by Phyllis Hansen - Advisor to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley
When I wonder where the great California artist Orpha Klinker got her talent and energy, I need only to be around Phyllis Hansen, Orpha's kinswoman. Energy and hard work has to be part of this family's genetic makeup. While in the process of creating the new Campo de Cahuenga website. Phyllis played detective and discovered this silk flag's great seal of Los Angeles.
You will have to wait with me for Phyllis to tell us more about this incredible find.
Jerry Fecht

2 comments: said...

thank you again. gary fredburg

David Strole said...

Beautiful and colorful flag, Jerry. I wish I could attend the April 24 lecture.

Thanks for the invitation.