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Sunday, June 17, 2007



The Palms of
West Los Angeles

Photo by
Phyllis Hansen

This last Sunday I attended a "tapas" party in Woodland Hills to celebrate my friend Cynthia Ingham's birthday. While we feasted on terrific Spanish hors d' oeuvres, someone made notice that the Pepper Trees that once graced that community are all but gone.

Coincidentally that same day, Phyllis Hansen, a member of our Museum Community, sent this image of the wonderful palm trees that are as much a part of Los Angeles as the Hollywood sign.

Unfortunately the great palms of our city are in danger! And, the pepper trees of Woodland Hills are vanishing before our eyes. Global warming? Pesticides? Insects? What's going on?

The trees of the San Fernando Valley and the City of Los Angeles, of which we are a part, are part of our lives and our history.
If you are a tree hugger, or just an admirer, The Museum of the San Fernando Valley welcomes you.
Scan your modern or historical tree images and send them to

"The San Fernando Valley deserves a great Museum of history and culture."
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