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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


It's All Done With Mirrors
Photo Contributed by Phyllis Hansen
Museum Community member

Nobody seems to know for sure when the first Jacaranda trees were brought to the San Fernando Valley. They could have easily arrived with the early Spanish and Mexican colonists. The Franciscan monks who built the missions of California were especially fond of flowering trees, so they may have brought Jacaranda seeds from Mexico. Be that as it may, this terrific photograph taken this week by Phyllis Hansen reminds us all why the lush blossoms of the Jacaranda are so much loved in our community (unless you are the one who has to sweep up after them.)
Phyllis took this picture in Studio City. The mirrors are on the facade of the City National Bank Building near Laurel Canyon on Ventura Boulevard.
¡Ole' Phyllis!

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