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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Is this wooden crate a clue to the origins of the Weddington House?

On Tuesday June 12th, the Cultural Heritage Commission of the City of Los Angeles took another, very positive; step in the protection of the Mother House of North Hollywood, the historic Weddington House. The endangered dwelling, at its present site on 11025 Weddington Street, North Hollywood, was the residence of the Weddington family at least from 1904. The purpose of the hearing was to determine if the building (not the grounds) deserved the status of an historic monument of the city.

An original house of Sheriff Wilson Weddington was shipped by rail from Storm Lake, Iowa to the village of Toluca (now North Hollywood) around 1888. Whether parts of the existing structure contain elements of that Iowa building is as yet unknown. However, just this last week, remnants of original wooden shipping crates were found in the attic of the present house.

Speaking on behalf of the Museum Community, I urged that the Commission give historic monument status to the Weddington House. Few structures from the Valley's agricultural past remain. And, the Weddington House, especially if it becomes part of the Lankershim Train Station Park, will be a vital link for families and children to our heritage.
Jerry Fecht

"The San Fernando Valley deserves a great Museum of history and culture."

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