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Friday, June 1, 2007


"CRUISE NIGHT" - postcard in the collection of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley
Reproduced with the permission of the California artist Kent Bash

Popular Culture is a special interest of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. Our growing collection of 1950s-60s memorabilia reflects our determination to capture not only the history of the San Fernando Valley, but its "spirit" and energy as well. Our Vice President, Gary Fredburg, always on the lookout for paper treasures for the Museum, has just presented us with several historic Valley postcards - one of which is a scene from the "American Roadside" painting entitled "Cruise Night" by the much admired California artist, Kent Bash. The postcard features typical 1950s car awaiting carhop service at Bob's Big Boy on Van Nuys Boulevard.
When Kent gave this blog permission to share his work electronically from his website ( - 2k) with the Museum Community, he noted:
"If you look around in the open edition gallery on my website you will likely find that a great many of the works there reveal the influence of growing up here in the San Fernando Valley. If you click on the images you will find the story behind the work for many of them.
These paintings are only the ones that are published and are available in print form. Once I get my web person in gear, a limited edition gallery will be added showing my varied other themes & series, many of which feature either locations, or are in some way
Influenced by having grown up here.
Currently, I'm finishing up my second book, and like my first, it will feature a number of both paintings and photographs from around both the San Fernando Valley & the Southern California area. Although it's not a history book it will have one 44-page chapter entitled "Cruising Bob's and Van Nuys Boulevard When Cruising Was King. My only regret is I couldn't find any good photographs of the Van Nuys Bob's. My book is entitled "Memos From Koolsville", it's a hot rod, art, pop and kustom kulture diary.

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