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Monday, March 4, 2013


CHERISHING OUR VALLEY                   2013

 Metal gate into alley space next to Pitstop Automotive Service - Woodland Hills

 Night drop box - Woodland Hills photo store

 Detail of Fireplace store sign - Woodland Hills

 "One can't believe impossible things."  Store window Pilates Studio 
21133 Costanso Woodland Hills

Mural - Pilates Studio

Dan Schwartz moved his Collectibles store into the Valley last year. Dan is famous for his ability to find important motion picture memorabilia and sports treasures. From his shop at 21144 Ventura Boulevard, Dan is always on the lookout for San Fernando Valley treasures. Half the fun of visiting
his store, is just the chance to meet Dan himself.

 My Brother's Bar-B-Q has been a San Fernando Valley "must visit" restaurant since 1957. And, My Brother's is still owned by the Maguire family who founded it.
21150 Ventura Blvd.  - 2 blocks east of Canoga Avenue.

 Fire Magic Bar-b-q supplies

 The doors and the motorcycle speak for themselves - Automotive Pitstop.

 The French Quarter Center in Woodland Hills

 Nicola's Restaurant is my favorite in the French Quarter.

Too bad that the owners of the Whole Foods building at Canoga and Ventura haven't seen fit to make this fountain-sculpture alive again.

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