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Friday, March 22, 2013


CHERISHING OUR VALLEY             2013

Bob Lisenby, Board Member of the Campo de Cahuenga Memorial Historical Association has shared with us a very important information site of the Huntington (Library) in Pasadena. Here are some of the values available through the site for historians:
Community historians can study in greater detail the individuals and families who settled California’s first presidios and pueblos
Anthropologists and ethno-historians can examine the settlement patterns of Indians in Alta California and their movement to the missions
Historical demographers can bring greater detail to their attempts to understand the pace and magnitude of Indian population decline in Alta California
Scholars of religion can study the practice and administration of Catholicism in the California missions and the lives of California’s Franciscans
Social historians can study the structure and growth of the missions and the secular communities of Spanish and Mexican California
Genealogists can more easily trace and identify the people who lived in California from 1769 to 1850
Historians of colonial America can more easily incorporate regions and peoples beyond the eastern seaboard into the narrative of our country’s early history, and
Scholars can attain an increased awareness of the tremendous diversity that has long characterized the people of the Golden State and the American Southwest

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