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Wednesday, October 17, 2012



As a 7th grader, I went to Saint Peter's Catholic school in Omaha, Nebraska.  With the city's great public transportation, I was free to explore that wonderful city. One of the places I haunted was the Union Pacific Museum downtown, where I drew pictures of its treasures and made notes. 

One afternoon, the lady at the museum desk who knew me by name said to me "Jerry, the man across the hallway has a present for you."

 I found myself in what was for me at the time, a huge room. A tall, very distinguished man, approached and said, "_______ (the desk clerk's name) tells me that you have a real love of history. Would you like this world globe?" I was amazed. It was a beautiful globe with brass fittings,
sitting in a mahogany stand. "I'll have it delivered to your home."

The globe vanished in one of my many childhood moves (I went to 11 primary and secondary schools). But, I memorized all of the countries of the world (The British Empire nations were always in pink.) and used the Union Pacific globe to locate places from where the stamps in my little collection came.

The man, I later learned was the President of the Union Pacific Railroad. He, no doubt, soon had a more up-to-date globe, but his thoughtful gift and his wonderful museum enriched the life of a  little boy beyond measure. I never lost my love for museums.

 A great Museum can change people's lives. Making The Museum of the San Fernando Valley accessible, especially for children, is one of our major priorities. 

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