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Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Our Museum Ally, Mary Mallory shares this great list of notables who were married in the Little Brown Church in Studio City.   Thanks Mary!

The list of celebrities.

Cliff Arquette/Darlene Sammons March 1946
Janis Paige/Frank Martinelli December 27, 1947
Mary Beth Hughes/David Street April 29, 1948
Marjorie Hunt/Arthur Pierson June 1950
Ronald Reagan/Nancy Davis March 4, 1952
Herbert Yates/Vera Hruba Ralston March 12, 1952
Jack Carson/Lola Albright August 1952
Frank Westmore/Ginger Clayton August 1952
Tom Tully/Ida Johnson June 1954, director Don Siegel was Best Man
Bud Westmore/Jeanne Shores April 1, 1955
A. C. Lyles/Martha Schaefer May 4, 1955
Frank C. Westmore/Johnnie Fay Rector June 1955
Doye O'Dell/Joan Barton August 1955
Julie Van Zandt/Robert Rains February 14, 1958
Ty Hardin/Audra Martin August 30, 1958
Gil Stratton/D'Arline Marie Norvas March 1961
Charles Chaplin Jr/Marta Brown April 1962
Thelma England Blount/Tom Wilck June 1962 (she was Walt Disney's secretary and he gave her away)
Cissy Wellman/Bob Donner December 12, 1965
Patty Duke/Harry Falk Jr. November 26, 1965
Maggie Wellman/Mike Conway September 6, 1969
Richard Roundtree/Karen Clemia August 30, 1980

Boxer James Jeffries memorial service was held here on March 7, 1953.

In an article about Yates and Ralston getting their marriage license, their addresses were listed as:
Yates--14050 Valley Vista
Ralston--3683 Dixie Canyon

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