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Monday, June 21, 2010



Jessup Farms - postcard - gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Gary Fredburg 2010 - Artifact number 0610-001- 1635 - (click on image to enlarge)

The Jessup family opened a dairy in Southern California in 1919. One member of the family, Dr. Roger V. Jessup was a prominent veterinarian and a civic activist. The dairy's headquarters was located at 5431 San Fernando Road in Glendale.


(((( time echO )))) said...

OMG!!! they had the best Prune yogurt
known to man...I used to eat the top
and bottom seperately. Cant remember
if I eneded up on my end more...dont
think so.........? we lived across
from the drive thru on Fulton St. in
Van Nuys.

Ma said...

I worked at both Jessup's in Burbank CA in 1973-75. One on Burbank Blvd & one on GLenoaks. If anyone has any pics of them, please post them. Thanks, Mark

Sew What! said...

My Grandfather and Uncle both worked for Jessup. My Grandfather Herman Hill started with Jessup back in the late 30's as a milker... He worked at the Glenoaks location. Then towards the end of his career he was known for making the Egg Nog they were famous for.... I have so many wonderful memories at the farm....

Mely said...

Many fond memories of Jessups Dairy. My father, Rodney "Dutch" Southwick delivered milk from about 1968-1970. One of his accounts was a woman in an iron Lungwho resided in La Crescenta. One of my fondest memory was visiting the farm and watching the milking process.

Chandel Davis said...

Hello! Does anyone know where this location was? Could this be the Jessup's off of Foothill Blvd in La Crescenta / Glendale? Does anyone know if these drive-ins (specifically the Jessups Dairy Drive-in off of Foothill Boulevard) had gasoline for sale? Thanks for the info!

Unknown said...

This picture is the drive thru dairy on the N/E corner of Ocean View Blvd and Foothill Blvd, La Canada. It is still there, but now called Alta Dena Express.

M&P&1911 said...

I knew Roger V. "Vince" Jessup in his elder years, after he was the DVM at the 1984 Olympics. He was responsible for tending his father's herds from CA all the way to the Canadian border. I once visited his dad's old ranch house in N. California, his portrait still hanging on the wall above the fireplace, a giant Amana "Radarange" microwave oven in the kitchen must have weighed fifty pounds. We went with him to attempt a wild boar hunt, but while the ground was very well rooted up by these feral hogs, they were invisible and all I saw after four days were deer.

I used to visit Vince in his Burbank home often, and we shared a lot of conversation in his living room in those two huge leather chairs, frequently with Canadian whisky. I still think about his kindness and miss him to this day.

Lots2Lose said...

The picture on the postcard was taken at one of the drive-in stores in the SFV. Probably on White Oak Blvd. Not sure. Thank you for all the kind comments and memories of my family. The milk wagon in the picture is now owned by the SF Museum. If you google Jessup Farms Glendale NewsPress, you will find a two part article about the history of the dairy. I welcome any emails and will answer each one if you like.

Rich Jessup (grandson)