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Saturday, December 26, 2009


2009 - The Year of Valley History
Remains of a shop entrance in a parking lot on Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood. Can you imagine what an ancient city like Rome experiences with every street repair or construction project? Outside of the fence, Richard Hilton, director of Museum Tours leads the "Walk It Off" after Thanksgiving tour of historic NoHo.

As the "Year of Valley History" draws to a close, our Museum Community wishes to thank the many of you who have supported our growth during 2009. This coming year we will be reaching out to individuals and organizations to support The Museum as sponsors and donors to support our new offices and expand our services. Don't worry, our requests will be modest but our ambitions great.
In 2010 The Museum will also be seeking your photographic skills, to document our lives in the Valley and Southern California. So, here's hoping that you got a digital camera for the holidays and plan on sharing your treasures on this blog.

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Another terriffic tour Richard. Thanks