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Monday, December 28, 2009


Museum of the San Fernando Valley Book Review by Fred Berk Librarian of The Museum

Phyllis Hansen, member of our Museum's Board of Directors, has authored another book that is bound to delight many people. The cover title is THE CAMPO DE CAHUENGA COLORING STORYBOOK, while the actual title is THE COLORFUL STORY OF THE CAMPO DE CAHUENGA, A Coloring Book that Makes History Fun. The text, design and photos are all by Phyllis Hansen, and the illustrations are by Pamela Flesner. It was just published by the Campo de Cahuenga Historical Memorial Association.

The main body of the book is a well-balanced collection of seventeen full-page outline illustrations of Campo de Cahuenga and its historical setting. Each one represents a different focus on the life and history played out here. For example, one page features a stagecoach that would have come through the area, stopping at the Campo, and another shows California's General Andres Pico in uniform. Any child who colors his or her way through these pages should begin to sense the important role of this place in our history, as well as the colorful heritage associated with it.

The book costs $5.00 + tax, and can be ordered by e-mailing campodecahuenga1847@hotmail. It will also be available at Campo de Cahuenga itself on January 10, 2010, at the annual reenactment of the signing of the Treaty of Cahuenga. After that date, copies will be available to visitors at the newly re-opened Campo building and museum.

Fred A. Berk


babbling brook said...

This merits some clarifications.
--Book Title is officially as written/shown on cover.
--Coloring book is educational as well as fun to color. It includes a two-page historical review of the role the Campo de Cahuenga played at the crossroads of California history.
--A timeline outlines the entire historical significance.
--General Andres Pico represented the Californios at the time of the Treaty signing. Lt. Col. John C. Fremont, co-signer of the Treaty on behalf of the U.S., is also included on the coloring pages.
--The book will be available at the Campo de Cahuenga only during the re-enactment and by email request. The Campo building remains closed for renovations.
Phyllis Hansen

babbling brook said...

One more thing--the coloring book is a total of 24 pages.

babbling brook said...

The book is designed to appeal to both boys and girls of school age. Illustrations range in complexity. The historical review will be appropriate for children currently studying California history.

Gerald R. Fecht said...

This charming coloring book is a terrific way to introduce young children to the adventure of California history.
I strongly endorse it.
Jerry Fecht