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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The Toluca Lake Garden Club - will dedicate a beautiful new monument to the men and woman who have served and continue to serve our Nation in the armed services. Blue Star monuments are placed across the United States to commemorate places of conflict and peace. In case you don’t know, Toluca Lake meets both standards. Our little village sits on the battlefield of the Second Battle of Cahuenga, where Californios forces – under the command of Pio Pico – after a three day cannon battle, defeated the Mexican forces under Governor Micheltorena.

Toluca Lake is also home to the Campo de Cahuenga, the site where Andres Pico surrendered all California forces to General John C. Fremont and Christopher (Kit) Carson – ending the Mexican-American War and fulfilling the American dream of manifest destiny – a continental United States , which stretched from Atlantic to Pacific oceans.

Please take a few minutes tomorrow (Thursday) morning as the Garden Club unveils and dedicates Toluca Lake ’s Blue Star monument. Join us at the “village square”, corner of Forman Avenue and Riverside Drive , at 11:00 a.m. Councilman LaBonge will join in the celebration, and refreshments will be served at Marie Calendar’s following the dedication.

Please forward this e-mail and invite your neighbors and friends to attend. As so many of our sons and daughters, nephews and nieces, friends and loved ones continue to serve us in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea and beyond, let’s take a few minutes from our day to honor them.

Richard Bogy
Chair, Community Development and Govt. Affairs
Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce

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