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Monday, June 29, 2009


2009 - The Year of Valley History
Maria Avila - Jack Lankershim Reading Rood 2009 - Photo for the Archives of the Museum of the San Fernando Valley by Gerald Fecht (click on image to enlarge)
In the newly refinished Lankershim Reading Room at the Andres Pico Adobe, Maria Avila posed in front of an enlarged painting of Jack Lankershim's Ranch. Quipped Maria, Jack only had one cow at the time he painted this picture, but he didn't like to skimp on things. Maria was married in 1929. She and her husband worked for Jack Lankershim for many years.
Maria Avila attended Lankershim School in North Hollywood. She left school at 16 to marry. Like nearly all of her family she attended the Catholic church and recalls when a small chapel was built in the "Mexican Village". It was called Saint Suzanna.
Maria attended Phyllis Hansen's lecture on her recent book "Charmed", and brought small trinkets given to her over the years by members of the Lankershim family from their vacations.