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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Gulbranson Grandchildren - Photo by Phyllis Hansen - Campo de Cahuenga Re-enactment Day - 2008
It may be many years before the grandchildren of Jim and Kathy Gulbranson come to fully understand why their grandfather worked so hard to preserve San Fernando Valley history and historic Campo de Cahuenga. But, for the time being, watching them frolic under the El Camino Real bell, put up here by the visionary Mrs. Armitage Forbes, is meaning enough. Mrs. Forbes and her friends worked to save the Campo for generations to come, and Jim Gulbranson worked in her footsteps for the same purpose.
What a tribute to Jim Gulbanson's memory!
Guy Weddington McCreary, Kathy Gulbranson and Diane McCreary stand by the cannon transport, celebrating the signing of the Treaty of Cahuenga.


fredaberk said...

This is a great shot of joyful youth in front of an enduring symbol of our Valley's past. Pity that it might be the last year the Campo will be seen without a big parking structure directly behind, or alongside, or both.

babbling brook said...

I had the same reaction when I shot the photo--of being at a crossroads in history with the youth of the future frolicking gleefully in front of me and the characters peopling the past off to the other side.
Sadly, the construction will be all too present, with the views of the mountains blocked and shadows of highrises bearing down on the gardens. But...imagine if the site had never been identified and saved at all!