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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Pastel of Robert O'Brien by Orpha Klinker - 22 December 1943

Today, while I visited one of the San Fernando Valley's most important art spaces, the NoHo Gallery LA, the dynamic Lisa Bianconi referred to the San Fernando Valley as not just a place where arts are displayed, but the place "where the arts are made." One need go any further than the credits of any Valley-made film or television program to get the picture of why our Valley is heart and soul of the creative capital of the world.
I can't think of anyone who lives or works in the San Fernando Valley who is anymore than ONE degree of separation from someone who works in the entertainment industry.
The arts capture ideas and emotions and transmit them from their creators to the world. Our Museum understands that preserving and nurturing the process of "creative transmission" is our solemn responsibility. A great Museum community recognizes that the arts can transmit feelings and thoughts beyond the span of ordinary lives. Nothing exemplifies our role better than our advisor Phyllis Hansen's project to let the world know about the great California artist, Orpha Klinker.
Here, we seen the image of Robert O'Brien, an American serviceman during World War II. He is no doubt gone by now, part of the generation of warriors now disappearing at the rate of 1000 a day. But, Robert O'Brien's life is honored and remembered in art - the art of the great Orpha Klinker.

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Gerald R. Fecht said...

Phyllis Hansen wants to remind the viewer of this image that the pastel was covered with "a protective glassine over them causing the reflection." This accounts for the striations over the picture.