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Friday, October 26, 2007


Orpha Klinker 1891 - 1964 Visionary of the San Fernando Valley - gift of Phyllis Hansen - photograph has been enhanced

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley has just received an original promotional brochure entitled, "Orpha Klinker * Artist * Etcher"

A gift from our advisor, Phyllis Hansen, this document provides your Museum with an important insight into the professional development of Orpha Klinker's career as a leading artist in California, as well as statements by 31 prominent residents of the Los Angeles area. Among the support quotations is one from Mrs. A. S. C. Forbes.
Later in her life, Orpha Klinker would join with Mrs. Armitage Forbes becoming the first vice president of Southern California's most important historic site, Campo de Cahuenga.

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terrific items, thank you Phyllis.