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Friday, October 26, 2007


One of the great tests of human intelligence is the ability to solve puzzles. Older folks are encouraged to do crossword and sodoku puzzles to keep minds alert. But, when newspaper puzzles are solved, or set aside, and go to the recycling bin, little more is accomplished. When people work on history's puzzles, they not only keep their brains in action, but create vital links to our collective past as well.

Your Museum's collections advisor Phyllis Hansen challenges the Museum Community to identify the women in this photograph. Phyllis says: "Here is a photograph that I am 99.9% certain is of Mrs. A.S.C. Forbes, though it is not labeled. She is the older woman in center, as she would have looked as the Campo de Cahuenga as we know it today came into being. Orpha Klinker at left, and other two woman are unidentified."

Mrs. Armitage Forbes and Orpha Klinker created The Friends of Campo de Cahuenga Historical Memorial Association.

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