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Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Inscription on the back of duo Stereopticon photographs - Place Vendome, Paris - Collection of Phyllis Hansen 2007

The Rev. A. Forbes
in remembrance of his Birthday 1854
with the kind regards of SG* * Initials here are yet to be determined.
Paris September 7, 1854
Place Vendome August 15, 1854

Our Museum is working with Ms. Phyllis Hansen, Advisor to The Museum, on her efforts to recreate the histories of Southern California personalities Orpha Klinker and Mrs. Armitage Forbes. These intelligent, hard working and dedicated women were instrumental in the creation of the Campo de Cahuenga memorial in North Hollywood, in the San Fernando Valley.
Here on the back of a stereopticon picture/s, we discover the birthdate of Mrs. Forbes husband and the fact that he was a minister. Bit by bit, such clues aid historians to capture elements in the lives of those who continue to influence California, long after their deaths.

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