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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Fence at William Howard Taft High School

The Tarzana Museum and Historical Society has been growing steadily for the last three years. Handsome museum cases are being built and a careful evaluation of artificats is underway. One of the Society's most exciting projects, "Voices of Tarzana" plans to systematically capture the living histories of Tarzana residents over the next five years. It is the concept of Janet Canter.
If you have an interest in documentary film or the recording of the priceless histories that have built Tarzana and the Valley, contact Ellen Carpenter or Helen Baker at the Center. Or, better yet, have lunch at the I-Hop on Ventura Boulevard and go next door and visit the Center and its dedicated volunteers.
Check out the Tarzana Community Center on-line at - 12k

"The San Fernando Valley deserves a great regional Museum of culture and history."

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